Unique Favors for Malay Weddings

Unique Favors for Malay Weddings

With the world becoming a smaller place as the internet and efficient airline companies link everyone; it is no wonder that more mixed marriages are taking place throughout the world. It is indeed common to hear of a man from the west marrying a girl from the east.

Hence, today, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Malay weddings have become the norm among people throughout the world. Very often, couples meet in the glamorous capitals of the world like London, New York and Paris. Yet, as it pertains to settling down, they would rather return to their country of origin where family and friends are, to truly have a traditional and more meaningful wedding

At times, two wedding ceremonies are held. For instance, if a western man marries an Asian girl from India, you might hear of them having both a church and temple wedding. This would call for twice the total amount of planning, yet it has been done to appease both the bride and groom’s families. It is also done as a form of respect to the couple’s upbringing and cultural backgrounds.

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Western Weddings

A western wedding involving a church or religious ceremony and reception would call for themes and favors that are suited to the season.

For example, if the couple gets married in summer, they could have a sunflower theme that is featured on the wedding invitations, bridal bouquets, button holes and even as decoration on the dinner tables. As it pertains to giving away wedding favors, sunflower themed picture frames, bookmarks and scented candles could be the order of the day.

Now, when this same couple decides to truly have a traditional Malaysian wedding ceremony, they can expect the celebration to defend myself against a whole new perspective.

Malay weddings are usually very colorful with bright, striking hues playing an important role in the bride’s attire. In fact, during the ceremony which could take a few hours, the bride has to change her saree or bridal outfit a few times. When she is doing this, the guests are expected to wait patiently but very often she has ladies attending to her who will help her to get dressed quickly.

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The religious Malay wedding ceremony usually takes place in a large community centre or hall as it is known in the East. The couple, priest, men and ladies in attendance usually play an important role on the stage where there is a special dais for the bride and bridegroom to be seated on.

The guests will be seated beneath the stage, opposite the couple and from here will have a way to observe the ceremony that is taking place on the stage. Once the official ceremony is over, guests will be invited to take stage where they can bestow their blessings and good wishes on the newlyweds.

Very often, just as the guests leave the hall, young girls and boys will be present at the door to offer colorfully wrapped Malay sweets that serve as unique wedding favors.

Many guests would confess that this is the greatest part of a Malaysian wedding as these delicacies are really sweet, tasty and rich, having been prepared using a traditional recipe that is handed down from one generation to the next.

The Malaysian wedding is only one of the numerous various kinds of matrimonial ceremonies that is taking place all over the world these days. And it is good to know that every wedding celebration ends in a lovely manner where guests always take a unique favor home.

Simple Ways of Having a Classy Wedding Function

Simple Ways of Having a Classy Wedding Function

Planning for a wedding is fun, exciting but in addition challenging. Challenging in an expression that you will need to make careful decisions as it pertains to choosing different items your weeding will need.

Little items such as for instance wedding favors shouldn’t be forgotten, and choosing them ideally is quite important. You could have no idea about what type of wedding favors you are likely to distribute at your wedding. However, with so many stores that specializes wedding accessories such as for instance wedding favors today, shopping be easier for a lot of people.

Choosing the very best wedding favors could be very tricky sometimes, so here are a few easy tips that will allow you to choose the very best souvenirs to offer out in your big day.

  1. Don’t just grab everything you first seen on a shelf.

A standard mistake people usually made is purchasing immediately items which were displayed without checking other choices that sometimes more ideal than the ones that were first picked. Rather, you should look at considering fainting something you will not regret later on.

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You may also need to think about an option of favor which will match together with your personality and your wedding theme. Picking a favor must also fit your chosen budget; otherwise you’ll wind up spending a lot more than what your financial allowance can only just afford.

  1. You may also need to think about the total amount of favors you will need in your wedding.

Determine how many your guests that are simply the recipients of one’s wedding souvenirs. Have the equal number of favors and also a few extras for unexpected guests. Again, they ought to have a fair price enough for the budget.

  1. Shop as early as you possibly can so you could have sufficient time likely to different stores and comparing prices.

Discovering the right range of wedding souvenirs usually takes time, so it’s crucial that you plan in front of time. You may also need to consider a concept before heading out shopping. Wedding favors could be anything from candles, soaps, cookies, chocolates, coffee packets, key rings, coasters to etc.

  1. They may be a thing that shows what’s common on both of you.

It could be a thing that relates to you and your spouse’s interest, hobbies and personality. The more personal your wedding favors are, the more they’ll be appreciated by your guests.

  1. Personalized your wedding favors.

You can find so many personalized wedding favors available in the market these days. Nearly all of couples decide for personalized ideas because they are able to add their particular touch on those items, making them more special and well-thought gifts. Personalized souvenirs could be fun, interesting, original and unique.

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An enormous supply of wedding favors and other wedding supplies may be the Internet. You can find a large number of online retailers that specializes different wedding accessories, from wedding favors, wedding decorations, bridal accessories, wedding attendant gifts, reception supplies to numerous more.

These things could be also made personalized with names, your wedding date as well as your wedding message. Just remember to plan a long time before your big day, you never want to hold back the past minute and get crazy in hurrying everything.

Finding the Best Wedding Locations in Australia

Finding the Best Wedding Locations in Australia

Finding the best wedding location in the midst of thousands of amazing locations in Australia can be frustrating. However, once you’ve determined the type of wedding that suits you best then you’ll have an easy time finding the most convenient location in Australia.

For example, if you want a traditionally mannered wedding, then you should consider conducting the wedding at a synagogue, local city hall or in someone’s house while modern mannered wedding can be conducted at the beach or some fancy resort. Regardless of this, it is important to identify a convenient wedding location for the bridals and guests. Here are some tips that will help you evaluate all your locations and choose the most convenient one.

  1. Size of the Location

The size of location is determined by the number of guests who promised to show up in the wedding. In addition, it is very uncomfortable to have a large group of wedding guests jammed together in a very small room. In most cases, you need to consider hiring a large hall that is capable of accommodating at least 50 people. On the other hand, if the hall is too large, you may experience some challenges since it will be completely awkward and in some cases costly to be in a hall with a lot of unused space.

  1. Type of Services Provided

Type of services provided must match the amount of money spent especially in places like hotels, and country clubs. It is important to ask questions such as:

  • Who will decorate your hall?
  • Are there extra charges for such activities?
  • Do you have to purchase your own drinks?
  • Will it be pricier if these services are provided?

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  1. Theme

The theme is key to generate the mood and tone you want in your wedding. That is why it’s important to establish the theme of your wedding so as to use that as a means of finding the best wedding locations in Australia. For example, if you have a safari themes wedding, you may consider doing your wedding on a beach because it will be cost intensive if you decide on doing it on a real safari.

  1. Cost of the Services

Establishing your budget is among the most crucial things you need to set. Certainly, the higher the budget, the more the wedding reception locations you can choose from and vice versa. Additionally, the higher the budget, the more the access to services within your wedding location in Australia. Setting your budget allows you to find a good starting point for your whole planning process.

  1. Consider Your Weather

Planning for a wedding location requires you to consider the current weather for your special day. Rain is the most important point when discussing your location. Definitely, you’d prefer to have yourself and your fiancé tanned and not burnt. Certainly, the same goes for all your guests.

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4 Simple Food Trends But Easy to Cater For A Wedding

4 Simple Food Trends But Easy to Cater For A Wedding

One of the highest and most expensive items in a wedding budget is food. In fact, in most cases, you may find so many interesting, dynamic and different catering styles for your wedding. Typically, you’d want to consider a small-sized budget for your wedding.

So, how do you choose a simple catering plan? Well, you need to first to identify the type of atmosphere you’d want for your wedding, since this helps you get the right wedding catering style.

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  1. Use Color

Color is an important aspect of coordinating between linens and flowers and the food – why not include it in the menu then? There are many styles that include unique ways of infusing color to food to match the couple’s signature. For example, you may choose to serve ice cream sandwiches when you have a black-and-white wedding or a rich dark chocolate cake that compliments.

On the other hand, you may choose to bring up some contrasting color to the circle having a velvety white buttercream in a black and white wedding. Maybe add up some shots of glasses with layers of lobster or tuna.

  1. Use some Light Bites

Unlike in previous years, it is now much simpler to serve your guests with some light bites. For example, you may choose to serve them with some light antipasto skewers with a taste of tomato or an olive drizzle with fresh oil or a mini lettuce. Well, this serves you a ton of money as compared to serving them with some deep fried of double pork chops, right?

Additionally, you may spice up the healthy light bites with a piece of Thai peanut sauce or sweet savory pop with raisin and a speckle of honey or blue cheese. You might be surprised to hear your guests enjoy these healthy light bites.

  1. Green is Best

It’s healthier to go all organic using ingredients available. Well, these days you can serve something as simple and as fresh as a salad that has an organic taste. Nonetheless, going green doesn’t mean you stop eating food. You may also try to serve some free-range chicken.

In addition, you may spice it up with some organic tequila that is found in biodynamic wines. This ecofriendly trend is the way to go.

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  1. Family Style Food is Best

Consider using family style technique when serving your guest with meals. This provides guests with opportunities to interact as they serve you with some gorgeous dishes. I mean, nothing is as good as some time to mingle and get to know each other better. Besides, most people get to fall in love during that process.

Picture heaping some sweet bright red lobster with mushrooms on different tables having some emmentaler cheese nestled with magenta and some chard. With this, you may need to add some more room when serving dishes so let the food and plates becomes a beautiful décor for your guests.

5 Unique Gifts to Bring For a Wedding

5 Unique Gifts to Bring For a Wedding

It’s that special day and you’re still confused about the type of gift that you’d like to get for the wedding because it means a lot for the special ones in your life. Additionally, there are so many gifts online and you’re confused about which particular one you’d like to get for your loved ones.

Well, don’t worry! There are some 5 unique gifts that you can bring for a wedding. Actually, it is quite easier to get something unique and exciting when reading this article. Here are some 5 unique but cheap gifts to bring for a wedding:

hotel reservation

  1. Funds

Believe it or not, funds are a really interesting, easy but acceptable forms of gifts that are needed by every couple. Bride and grooms really expect people to give something that are able to last longer. Although it may seem a bit impersonal for you, newlyweds see this as a blessing on their special day. Nonetheless, it is wise to present these funds as a “gift in an envelope” written on top of the invitation. It’s much easier giving funds as a gift so that the newlyweds can choose for themselves what they’d like to buy.

  1. Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations are another form of unique gift that though simple means a lot. However, if the couple has already planned to leave the country after their wedding then it is wise offer them an open dated voucher so that they can use their reservation anytime of the year. In addition, you may reserve some more rooms so that they are able to go with their friends if they wish so. You may ask other close friends of the newlyweds to help out in reserving these hotels.


  1. Custom Clocks

A custom clock is useful in any room, regardless of whether it is a wall or a mantel clock. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a clock on their newly established house? It is quite evident that any newlyweds will appreciate having a clock with their picture in it. Some clocks can even double as notice boards thus making it a very practical wedding gift and very different and unique.

  1. Cutleries

Kitchen utensils are other common wedding gifts that are needed in every newlyweds home. To make it simple for you to get the relevant type of utensils, choose from a list of elevate kitchen tools by Joseph Joseph to simplify your process. Joseph Jospeh’s cutleries are unique in their unique way and come in as a set.

  1. Personalized T-shirts

Have you ever seen the beauty of personalized T-shirts? Well, if you’ve never seen that, why not try it? Your newlywed’s couple will love it very much. In fact, you can personalize it by getting them imprinted with personal messages or photos of the early dating days of the couple. In addition, you can try to make both separate T-shirts to make them to look like a husband and wife.bride and groom