4 Simple Food Trends But Easy to Cater For A Wedding

4 Simple Food Trends But Easy to Cater For A Wedding

4 Simple Food Trends But Easy to Cater For A Wedding

One of the highest and most expensive items in a wedding budget is food. In fact, in most cases, you may find so many interesting, dynamic and different catering styles for your wedding. Typically, you’d want to consider a small-sized budget for your wedding.

So, how do you choose a simple catering plan? Well, you need to first to identify the type of atmosphere you’d want for your wedding, since this helps you get the right wedding catering style.

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  1. Use Color

Color is an important aspect of coordinating between linens and flowers and the food – why not include it in the menu then? There are many styles that include unique ways of infusing color to food to match the couple’s signature. For example, you may choose to serve ice cream sandwiches when you have a black-and-white wedding or a rich dark chocolate cake that compliments.

On the other hand, you may choose to bring up some contrasting color to the circle having a velvety white buttercream in a black and white wedding. Maybe add up some shots of glasses with layers of lobster or tuna.

  1. Use some Light Bites

Unlike in previous years, it is now much simpler to serve your guests with some light bites. For example, you may choose to serve them with some light antipasto skewers with a taste of tomato or an olive drizzle with fresh oil or a mini lettuce. Well, this serves you a ton of money as compared to serving them with some deep fried of double pork chops, right?

Additionally, you may spice up the healthy light bites with a piece of Thai peanut sauce or sweet savory pop with raisin and a speckle of honey or blue cheese. You might be surprised to hear your guests enjoy these healthy light bites.

  1. Green is Best

It’s healthier to go all organic using ingredients available. Well, these days you can serve something as simple and as fresh as a salad that has an organic taste. Nonetheless, going green doesn’t mean you stop eating food. You may also try to serve some free-range chicken.

In addition, you may spice it up with some organic tequila that is found in biodynamic wines. This ecofriendly trend is the way to go.

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  1. Family Style Food is Best

Consider using family style technique when serving your guest with meals. This provides guests with opportunities to interact as they serve you with some gorgeous dishes. I mean, nothing is as good as some time to mingle and get to know each other better. Besides, most people get to fall in love during that process.

Picture heaping some sweet bright red lobster with mushrooms on different tables having some emmentaler cheese nestled with magenta and some chard. With this, you may need to add some more room when serving dishes so let the food and plates becomes a beautiful décor for your guests.

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