Unique Favors for Malay Weddings

Unique Favors for Malay Weddings

Unique Favors for Malay Weddings

With the world becoming a smaller place as the internet and efficient airline companies link everyone; it is no wonder that more mixed marriages are taking place throughout the world. It is indeed common to hear of a man from the west marrying a girl from the east.

Hence, today, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Malay weddings have become the norm among people throughout the world. Very often, couples meet in the glamorous capitals of the world like London, New York and Paris. Yet, as it pertains to settling down, they would rather return to their country of origin where family and friends are, to truly have a traditional and more meaningful wedding

At times, two wedding ceremonies are held. For instance, if a western man marries an Asian girl from India, you might hear of them having both a church and temple wedding. This would call for twice the total amount of planning, yet it has been done to appease both the bride and groom’s families. It is also done as a form of respect to the couple’s upbringing and cultural backgrounds.

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Western Weddings

A western wedding involving a church or religious ceremony and reception would call for themes and favors that are suited to the season.

For example, if the couple gets married in summer, they could have a sunflower theme that is featured on the wedding invitations, bridal bouquets, button holes and even as decoration on the dinner tables. As it pertains to giving away wedding favors, sunflower themed picture frames, bookmarks and scented candles could be the order of the day.

Now, when this same couple decides to truly have a traditional Malaysian wedding ceremony, they can expect the celebration to defend myself against a whole new perspective.

Malay weddings are usually very colorful with bright, striking hues playing an important role in the bride’s attire. In fact, during the ceremony which could take a few hours, the bride has to change her saree or bridal outfit a few times. When she is doing this, the guests are expected to wait patiently but very often she has ladies attending to her who will help her to get dressed quickly.

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The religious Malay wedding ceremony usually takes place in a large community centre or hall as it is known in the East. The couple, priest, men and ladies in attendance usually play an important role on the stage where there is a special dais for the bride and bridegroom to be seated on.

The guests will be seated beneath the stage, opposite the couple and from here will have a way to observe the ceremony that is taking place on the stage. Once the official ceremony is over, guests will be invited to take stage where they can bestow their blessings and good wishes on the newlyweds.

Very often, just as the guests leave the hall, young girls and boys will be present at the door to offer colorfully wrapped Malay sweets that serve as unique wedding favors.

Many guests would confess that this is the greatest part of a Malaysian wedding as these delicacies are really sweet, tasty and rich, having been prepared using a traditional recipe that is handed down from one generation to the next.

The Malaysian wedding is only one of the numerous various kinds of matrimonial ceremonies that is taking place all over the world these days. And it is good to know that every wedding celebration ends in a lovely manner where guests always take a unique favor home.

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