Wedding Day And Feeling Good about how you look

Wedding Day And Feeling Good about how you look

If your goal is to look like a figure on such a marked date, it is best to design a diet tailored to your needs well in advance. In this case, we propose a nutritional plan that takes place between 4 and months before your wedding you will get great benefits. Take note!


Diet to lose weight for your wedding

Breakfast: an infusion with a dairy, York ham or turkey or fresh cheese and a piece of fruit, preferably orange, apple, pear or pineapple.


Meals and dinners: it is convenient that you combine vegetables and proteins. But, it is important to remember that vegetables must contain as little sugar as possible. In this case, the most appropriate are spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cucumber and broccoli. Also, you can consume mushrooms and mushrooms, while tomatoes are not specially indicated.


Regarding proteins, you should opt for a diet rich in white fish, chicken, turkey and eggs.


Mid-morning and snack: a piece of fruit or a skimmed yoghurt or 3-4 slices of ham or turkey plus an infusion.


If, on the other hand, your time has been wasted and you only have three days, do not miss the following express diet that we bring to you.


Three-day diet

Day 1 Freshly picked: prepare an infusion of the flavour that you like the most. A good choice in Weight loss treatments weddings to eliminate liquids can be red tea or, for example, green tea without sugar. In all cases, tea, in any of its variants, presents numerous properties for your health. Breakfast: a skimmed yoghurt and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Food: large salad with two boiled eggs, one tablespoon of olive oil and 40 grams of bread. Snack: a slice of melon. Dinner: a vegetable soup accompanied by a filet of beef of 200 grams grilled accompanied by cooked vegetables and baked potatoes. Before sleeping: a tea or a glass of skimmed milk.


Day 2 Nothing else get up: A tea alone or accompanied by skimmed milk. Breakfast: a skimmed yoghurt or toast with a spoonful of oil. Food: 150 grams of chicken salad accompanied by 40 grams of bread. Snack: two slices of pineapple. Dinner: vegetable soup, first; followed by 200 grams of grilled fish with a little vegetable and 40 grams of bread. Before sleeping: a tea or a yoghurt skimmed.

Day 3 Nothing else get up: a tea or an infusion. Breakfast: a skimmed yoghurt or whole grains with skimmed milk. Food: 100 grams of salad with tuna, a little olive oil and 40 grams of bread. Snack: a slice of watermelon.


Dinner: Vegetable stew with 30 grams of boiled rice, followed by 150 grams of baked meat. Before sleeping.

But do you want to discover more miracle diets to lose weight in the face of your wedding? Here you have the most effective diets to lose weight in a short time.


Likewise, it is convenient that the realization of these diets is accompanied by physical exercise such as, for example, the GAP exercises, which will help you to shape your entire body.


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