Wedding Photography: What You Need To Know

Wedding Photography: What You Need To Know

Wedding Photography: What You Need To Know

Wedding Photography and Videography are the two vital things to have the memories of your special day live on so that you can look back and show your children and your grandchildren how it was like. Of course, you want good quality work on your wedding album and DVD for this special day.

Getting the photography and videography right, as it will adorn your album and your walls with great pictures that you will live to cherish forever. However, getting it wrong could become one of your biggest regrets, since you cannot replay the day later. To help get your wedding photography just right, we have pulled together essential tips for you.

Choose your Preferred Style of Photography First
When it comes to wedding photography, there are many different styles to choose from. Think about the other weddings that you have been to. How was the photographer like? Was he/she working quietly in the background trying to get the best shot in a photojournalistic approach? Or was he/she in the forefront trying to get the people to pose and directing the couple throughout the day for the photos?

Go through as many photographer websites as possible, and pay attention to the different styles they use. Find one that you find best suited for you, based on your tastes and preferences. You can also find inspiration in wedding forums, and get first-hand information from other couples on why they choose a certain photography style.

Always Go for a Professional like Shine Pics
Weddings are so fast-paced and as everyone says, the day really flies by incredibly quickly. This makes choosing a specialist photographer very important since they do understand how the day works, and are experienced in capturing the key moments of the day. While it’s much cheaper to let your friend do it or to hire a photography student starting their career in wedding photography, you have to face the risk that they may not get the important shots as you would have liked.


Moments such as cake cutting, the first kiss, or the bouquet throw need to be captured well, and amateur photographers or videographers might miss them since they are not experienced in anticipating them. It’s your responsibility to decide how important the wedding photography is to you and act accordingly.

Where Can You Find a Good Photographer?
It’s quite easy to find a wedding photographer  online, the local paper, in the phonebook, etc. Nonetheless, the best way to find a good photographer is asking a few recently married couples (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) how theirs were. You will not only be able to see the style of photography they offer from these photos, but also receive first-hand advice on what the photographer was like. Your wedding venue can also provide you with details of good photographers who are familiar with the venue, and whose work they can recommend.

Check the Reputation of your Photographer
In this age of digital photography revolution, almost everyone has a DSLR camera, which can take decent photos. It’s therefore not surprising that the number of photographers is going up, giving clients a bigger choice. However, this creates a big problem since the majority of these photographers might not understand why it’s important to have backup units, which secure the cameras and cards from failing, and to get the proper insurance.

As such, checking the reputation of your photographer is crucial, because if they only had a single lens and camera, what would happen if it failed? Find out if they back up their images throughout the day. If they have a website, check the examples of their previous work there. How are their low light photographs? Ensure that these are great, since you don’t want blurry shots in the hard-to-shoot situations such as inside the church.

Why is Professional Wedding Photography so Expensive?
There’s a lot of flack towards wedding photographers regarding the prices they charge. In many bridal forums, you will notice lots of posts asking why some photographers charge £400 on a single day’s coverage, with some charging over £3,000. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the lower price bracket is likely to be full of wedding photographers who do it as a part-time job, or amateurs looking to put a portfolio together.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but it will be difficult to match the level of image quality from a £400 photographer with that of a higher-end one. this is due to a number of reasons, but mostly equipment and expertise. In general, professional level SLR camera start at around ‘£1,500+ for the body, and the professional level lenses will be around the same price bracket depending on the type of lens. The memory cards are also costly, and the cost could add app considering the flashguns, backup storage units, etc. and the fact that most professional photographers need to carry multiple lenses and bodies.

The cost of insurance is also a major contributing factor, and one of the things you should look for when looking for a potential photographer. With a professional indemnity insurance, the images are covered if anything bad happens to them, while a public liability ensures your guests are covered should they walk in to the camera or trip over the tripod.

Keep in mind that the photographer will work tireless for the entire day, and then spend a lot of time after the wedding to put together the images through a digital darkroom, where the images are processed to black and white and the images developed. Considering that an average wedding of 10 hours will yield about 500 to 1000 images or more for the photographer, developing each one of them will take quite some time.

Cheaper photographers will probably hand you your wedding photos from the day, typically batched processed (meaning that 100+ images are edited together) or even virtually unprocessed. These are then burned onto a DVD and sent to you in a flash.

Other photographers choose to have another wedding photographer with them, so that they can get independent shots of the bride and groom while getting ready. This helps to give a more complete story of the day when you look back at them later. This also lets the photographers catch the key moments from different angles, which gives a much better narrative of the moment. If your photographer works this way, you will be getting twice the coverage, and this will reflect on the price.

Photography is not as simple as pointing and clicking. It requires the photographer to understand the lighting conditions, compositions, and how to use the correct exposures for every situation. They also need to understand how they can leverage their equipment inside out, while at the same time anticipate what will happen next, and the best place to capture it effectively.

Choosing the Right Package
When you start browsing through wedding photography websites, and start comparing the different packages offered, you will realise that it’s quite a minefield. Most wedding photographers will work their own packages based on the amount of time they are hired for, but some will work theirs based on the inclusion of a proof book, whether you want a DVD or not, the type and size of album included, the number of prints included, and the number of images you get.

In case you’re still not sure about the kind of features you want included in your package, it’s best to contact the photographer and ask them if they can offer you a custom package for you. Most of them are happy to do this, as the packages are just a way of letting prospective customers know that they can have all bases covered.

Are Wedding Albums Necessary?
Most of the packages offered include a wedding album, and it’s very important to determine if you really need one as it can greatly affect the total price of the package. Wedding albums can range from the beautiful, traditionally matted, classic handmade leather bound albums, by people like Queensbury and Jorgensen among others, to the contemporary magazine-styled book made popular by the Graphic studio. With many different sizes, number of pages, and paper finishes available, choosing an album can be quite confusing, so it’s important to be clear of what you intend to get with your photographer. Ensure that you have seen an example or sample album of what you want to get.

Once you have decided what kind of album you want to get, be sure to check and confirm everything you are getting. Some photographers have been known to sell 30 pages albums, but then produce a 60-page album with really beautiful pictures in it. Then when you see this 60-page album, they tell you to top up some cash, or portend to take half the images out. By this time, the couple will have already been smitten, and not mind paying extra.

Another important thing you want to check is the number of images they will actually take on the day. Some photographers will shoot your day on an average of 50+ shots an hour, but only include 100 pictures in your package. They then charge you more for each extra photo, after first letting you see over 500 images, knowing you will probably want them all. You might also have to pay a little extra for the DVD, and these don’t come cheap.

Make sure you ask your wedding photographer about the rights you have for your images. Don’t forget that some will keep the copyright, meaning they will be able to do as they wish with the photos, including selling them to bridal magazines without necessarily asking for your authorization. Ensure that your photographer respects all of your wishes and concerns.

What to Do if the Photographer You Want is Out of Your Budget
This tends to happen a lot — setting your eyes on the perfect photographer but finding out their packages are way out of your budget. However, it’s still worth it to ask if they could do a custom quote for you. Since the summer and spring weekend are usually the peak season for wedding photographers, you can get a good discount if you choose to wed on a weekday or in the quieter winter and autumn months.

Closing Remarks
Ensure that you are both comfortable with the photographer you choose. Be clear about what you want and what you wish to get. It’s always a good idea to read through the terms and conditions so that you are sure to trust them. Don’t hesitate speaking to you photographer in case there’s something you are unsure about. They are the wedding experts and will be more than happy to help!

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