Weddings Need To Be Fun But Planned Well

Weddings Need To Be Fun But Planned Well

 In addition to an unforgettable day in all aspects, a wedding should be fun for both the bride and groom and the guests. There are many ways to get an original and personalized ceremony or an end of the wedding so entertaining that nobody wants to leave the evening. Several professionals who are responsible for numerous weddings every year give you the keys, you will see them and you will succeed!



  1. Details handmade

The professionals of proposing a wedding “the handmade experience”. It is a different and original philosophy in which many details are manufactured by themselves, thus reducing some costs. From the decoration of the tables to the photographs or videos, they have a team of professional photographers. They also have a  “corner of nature” to celebrate not only weddings but other moments such as farewells, anniversaries or any party. Wedding fat loss treatment


The fun is not at odds with the price and, in addition to having a great time that day, you will also enjoy the preparations, reducing stress and leaving them in the hands of professionals.


  1. Creative brainstorming

Thinking about the building future can give you moments of the most fun. In Colorado, Colorin advises to write down all those crazy ideas in a notebook and think of them as an option, although in the end discards if they are too daring. For example, you can include a kit so that the guests, the next day, continue with the good memories of when they enjoyed on the dance floor. It is one of the funniest options that you will love!


  1. A good party entertainer

As much as everything is well organized, and both the ceremony and the banquet is great, the guests will not be entirely satisfied if they do not leave their feet on the dance floor. For this, it is important to choose well the animator of your party, the orchestra, musical group or DJ that will liven up the evening. They will be in charge of choosing the best songs for your party according to your tastes and the type of wedding you want.


Do you know HispaMusic? It is one of the prestigious companies in the field of sound and lighting thanks to the good service they provide to couples on their wedding day. They have a wide range of services to meet all the musical and lighting requirements. In addition, they adapt to the specific needs of each wedding. The most recommendable thing is that you choose songs to dance and move the skeleton of different styles, selecting the most classic for the first hours if you have older guests since they are usually the first to leave the party.


  1. Be yourself same

One of the keys to getting a really fun wedding is to think about you or you. Eva Iglesias, Colorín Colorado ensures that if you only think about what you want for your wedding, forgetting protocols and what your parents or third parties tell you, you will be right.


  1. Have fun with the preparations

Preparing a wedding can be very stressful if you do not enjoy each of the moments. Eva Iglesias recommends that you try to have fun thinking about the big day, choosing suppliers, deciding on the colors or imagining the faces of your guests when you see some of the surprises … If you have fun, he says, “they will have fun”.


  1. Bridal dance with choreography

Instead of the classic waltz to open the dance, you can choose a choreography in which all your friends are involved. Entering the disc encouraging the staff and participating in the dance is a very fun way to start the party. Discover the 37 songs to make a great entry into the wedding and, once chosen the song and choreography, send a video to your friends to learn it. So, you can dance it all together that day. You will see what a cool one is and how the rest of the guests have a great time!


  1. Out of shyness

There is no more effective way to make your guests laugh than to star in an unusual and very funny scene like the one Carmen tells us, wedding planner of Momentous. It remembers a wedding in which the fianc2es surprised the assistants exchanging the dresses and distributing wigs of colors between the guests to take photos in the photocell and to have an original memory of the moment. If you are clever and not too shy, you can organize a funny theater when nobody expects it.


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